ACU Postgraduate Acquisition

Developing an "always on" digital acquisition strategy for postgraduate prospects

With prospective postgraduate students referring to digital channels as the primary touch point to research, enquire and apply for postgraduate study, ACU needed to raise the probability of engaging with and targeting these prospects.

Understanding customer profiles, motivations and considerations

ACU appointed W3.Digital to develop a postgraduate digital acquisition strategy. Through close collaboration, W3 conducted a number of stakeholder interviews alongside a channel assessment of the online and offline touch points that a potential student may experience to understand the current landscape. In addition to this, we needed to understand the prospective customer profiles, motivations and considerations to study which was achieved through primary and secondary customer research and analysis.

A long-term strategy across the whole University

As the postgraduate journey is long and complex, W3 Digital created a strategic ‘handbook’ that could be used by any member of the postgraduate marketing team across all faculties, the purpose of which was to:

  • Raise the probability of engaging with and targeting postgraduate prospects.
  • Develop an “always on” digital acquisition strategy across the entirety of the customer journey.
  • Broaden ACU’s digital acquisition mix for postgraduate prospects.
  • Understand the channels that potential students are engaging with and leverage this to raise awareness of the ACU offering.
  • Understand, communicate and promote ACU’s value propositions, at the relevant time, and via the relevant channel.
  • Identify opportunities for digital to support and collaborate with existing and ongoing postgraduate activity
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ACU’s postgraduate digital acquisition strategy

The outcome is a lead nurturing and acquisition strategy for prospective postgraduate students that recognises customer needs and goals at each stage of their journey in considering further study.

The result of this provided ACU with:

  • An actionable implementation plan that applied to all digital touch points
  • Customer profiles, motivations and considerations
  • Basic preparation and ‘hygiene’ for digital channels
  • An acquisition template to be applied across all touch points and faculties
  • A set of metrics that allow lead generation and acquisition to be measured and optimised.

ACU Career Advisor Portal

With information spread across a number of locations and sites, ACU needed a better way to engage student recruiters and career advisors.

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