Cargo Crew Website Audit

Australia’s leading uniform company, Cargo Crew, is pushing the boundaries of what a uniform means to staff and brands. Launched in 2012 with just four denim aprons and a hospitality target audience in mind, Cargo Crew has truly flourished and now boasts a range of 100+ styles and a hugely diverse customer base.


W3.Digital delivered actionable recommendations to increase online conversion, visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and improved content, design and usability to fulfil business goals and articulate Unique Selling Propositions.

The findings from our audit set the baseline for an ongoing programme of rapid and incremental improvement, backed by data.


With an industry direct business model, plans to penetrate the International market and increased competition in the uniform market, a strong online presence and good user experience is important for Cargo Crew now more than ever. Cargo Crew has continued to expand its product range and invest in quality content but was challenged with structuring its online experience to meet the diverse needs of, and align with the end-to-end journey of its customer base.


W3.Digital reviewed the current state of the Cargo Crew website and blog to baseline its performance across three areas:

  1. Technical, highlighting issues that make it difficult to users to find or navigate the site
  2. Content, assessing the relevancy, clarity and value of content as well as how specific keywords are targeted to maximise visibility in SERPs
  3. Usability, identifying areas where visibility, error prevention and recovery, recognition, and flexibility can be improved and friction and distraction minimised

We approached the content and usability analysis with a customer lens by leveraging the customer personas and journey maps that we had previously developed with Cargo Crew. This approach was imperative in aligning our analysis with the end-to-end journey and to provide recommendations that meet the specific needs of each persona.








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