Online customer engagement strategy

Harmoney is a New Zealand-based peer-to-peer lending service, they connect individuals who want to borrow with individuals who want to invest.

As the business was starting up, Harmoney needed a robust digital marketing strategy to rapidly expand their brand recognition.


A framework for success

Harmoney engaged W3 Digital to design their digital marketing strategy.

We created a digital marketing framework through:

  • Strategy development
  • Audience analysis and segmentation
  • Content strategy development
  • Marketing metrics development

Planning into the future

Harmoney received a strategic plan that delivered:

  • A clear direction for online marketing
  • Simple but powerful metrics
  • Audience analysis
  • A content strategy
  • Marketing investment strategy
PG personas


W3.Digital partnered closely with DPR&Co on the Chisholm Institute programme and together we delivered amazing results. Chisholm had a challenge converting enrolment leads and needed help to find enrolment funnel optimisation and business efficiencies to support a major student marketing campaign. Chisholm’s peak enrolment period in January had traditionally been an extremely stressful and challenging […]

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Telstra Liberate

Telstra has delivered an enhanced, user-friendly Liberate solution allowing Enterprise customers transition from fixed to mobile calls natively. Designed and developed with W3.Digital’s Lean Design Squad the new Liberate app, portal and mobile-only solutions offer users greater control, responsiveness and mobility. Telstra invited W3.Digital to bring Human Centered Design capability to inform, validate and help […]

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PRG Future State Strategy

PRG knew the time had come for change and to be future ready with a new future state operating model and transition roadmap for successful business growth.

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