Pacific Brands

Create a consistent experience across Pacific Brands digital assets

Pacific Brands is one of Australasia’s most well known apparel companies. In 2013 Pacific Brands Corporate  went through a rebranding exercise to better position the company. W3 delivered a consistent look and feel across the corporate digital assets.

W3.Digital were engaged to create a consistent user experience across the entire suite of Pacific Brands’ digital assets.

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What we did

W3 worked closely with Pacific Brands Corporate to deliver a consistent customer experience through:

  • Service design consulting
  • User experience (UX) design
  • Website design and development
  • System integration
Pac EDMs
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My Pacific Brands UX

MyBrands Screen


W3 delivered a consistent set of customer engagement touchpoints that:

  • Improved the digital customer engagement
  • Grew customer database
  • Improved social media engagement
  • Positioned the brand as more open and transparent


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