PZ Cussons

Customer engagement and e‑commerce platform for the professional market

PZ Cussons is a global manufacturer of personal healthcare products and consumer goods. Many of their products, ranging from soaps, to personal hygiene and cleaning products, are used by the professional hospitality market. PZ Cussons wanted to find a way to engage and transact directly with the professional market.


The brief

PZ Cussons engaged W3 Digital to design and build a digital engagement and e-commerce platform for the professional hospitality market.


What we did

W3 Digital helped PZ Cussons engage the professional hospitality market through:

  • User experience (UX) consultation and design
  • Information architecture
  • Database planning
  • Customer data strategy
  • Systems integration
  • Website design and development

The results

W3 Digital delivered a digital platform that allowed PZ Cussons to:

  • Engage the Australian professional hospitality industry
  • Promote bulk purchases of its suite of brands
  • Transact with hospitality professionals


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