Online Advocacy

With more than 14,500 employees across North America, SAP is a complex, multi-location company, interacting with a variety of social media groups across the region.

The brief

SAP realised they had a growing need to improve their online advocacy within the ‘SAP community network’ of over 3 million users. They also needed to ensure their products and brand retained their relevance in the face of fundamental shifts in consumer and stakeholder behaviours. So, SAP asked W3 to develop a business-wide strategy for online.

What We Did

Using our insight & strategy services, W3 designed a program that would increase advocacy, reduce churn, quickly identify leads and shorten sales cycle times.  As part of this, W3 reviewed the key digital products and social media capabilities used across SAP to drive its advocacy in social media forums.

This review included:

  • An examination of the company’s social listening and analytics, its influencer identification and ranking, and its marketing automation programs.
  • The development of a ‘playbook’ outlining tactics for SAP program owners to use in identifying online influencers and the relevant motivators required to ‘convert’ them into enthusiastic SAP advocates.

Our review also took into account the latest developments in social data management, behavioural analytics, identity management, gamification strategies, and social analytics and metrics techniques, in order to create a robust framework that was relevant, scalable and totally in tune with SAP’s social media environment.



In the 12 months following W3’s involvement, the SAP community network achieved the following successes:

  • A 10% improvement to its overall NPS score.
  • In excess of 20,000 members added per month to the network.
  • Over 590,000 qualified leads delivered to SAP’s sales teams.

Working Three have a unique and refreshing strategic insight in the social space. Not only do they deeply understand social media and social commerce but they know how to create a strategy that engages customers and creates a blueprint for customer advocacy.

– Geraldine McBride, North American President, SAP


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