Crack into the Chinese Market with WeChat

Crack into the Chinese Market with WeChat

Last year alone, over one million Chinese visitors came to Australia ready to spend – dropping a combined total of AUD 9.2 billion on their trip. This presents a major opportunity for Australian businesses. WeChat – the app that most Australians haven’t even heard of – is the key to tapping into this booming market.

With over 1.1 billion registered accounts, and 889 million active monthly users, WeChat is the king of social media platforms in China. Think Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Apple Wallet all combined into one super-robust omnipresent app. Every day, 55% of WeChat users check WeChat 10 times or more and spend more than 90 minutes on it.

What makes WeChat so exciting for brands? At its heart is a super-powerful feature called WeChat Pay – an instant, safe, payment gateway linked to more than 200 million credit cards and bank accounts. Due to a general distrust of entering credit card details online, Chinese consumers have developed a preference for WeChat Pay, with over 83% of users purchasing products online via the app. From purchasing coffees, shopping online, to transferring funds or hailing a cab, WeChat allows users to do virtually any transaction right there in the app.

Despite Chinese visitors spending an average of AUD 8000 in Australia per visit each, hardly any Australian companies offer their preferred payment method, and even fewer are marketing to them. Becoming WeChat-friendly is a game-changer for Australian brands. Imagine trying to compete as an Australian business without a Facebook Page or convenient payment options – this is essentially your position in the Chinese market if you aren’t present on WeChat.
Australian brands should be active on WeChat in order to provide Chinese consumers a seamless customer experience and tap into this lucrative market both in Australia and China.

If you’re looking for ways to open-up opportunities in the Chinese market, or expand your reach within Australia, speak to us today. We have a dedicated team of WeChat experts with specialist skills in loyalty, personalisation and customer experience to help your brand create a remarkable WeChat experience.


Learn more about how people interact with WeChat on a day-to-day basis:


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